This week we have typed too many RIPs, at least here in Kenya. Life is truly short. Every time death happens, I get to question life. Is there more to it than meets the eye? Could it all be vanity like the good book says? A few days ago a friend said; “I can see the end.” That statement did not go down well with me. In his perspective he has seen his children grow. He has also pushed his business to a stable level. He is now ready to step out.

I am a believer of a long and happy life. ..maybe I love life too much. I do not believe that our life is tied to someone else. Seeing our kids grow up is a great thing. It is however not the only reason why we live. In the words of my first boss, “I do not live or work because of my children or partner, I live and work because am a human being and it is right and a joy to do so.” This means that we owe ourselves leaps of growth and transformation to our best versions. After typing the RIPs we will replace the deceased in their roles and move on with life. In short you only live for yourself first and in consequence the few or many other people that you touch in the process.

This idea was reinforced to me early this week. I was attending a webinar from a convener that I have followed for a while. However, something looked different this time. She looked happy, radiant and fit. This did not go unnoticed by other participants. One of the participant’s comment caught my attention; “I can’t believe I have watched your life change right before my eyes.” Listening to her story she is a testimony that nothing beats a deliberate transformation.

In her words she made a deliberate choice to transform her life. She decided to do what she considered good for herself in all aspects of life. To follow that deep conviction that she could be different from the person that she was. We all know that voice that reminds you who you are supposed to be. We all have that small voice that tells us what we are capable of doing. We however hush it and keep going on with our normal lives. If there is one thing that you owe yourself, it is to have done majority of the things that resonate with you and make you a better person. This is the essence of personal growth.

Personal growth is a journey that never ends. Irrespective of your age or status you can always become a better person. It is not about the big things. It is the small things done consistently. It is learning to control your anger, overcoming procrastination, learning to be more polite, learning new things, changing your mindset and becoming more positive. Growth requires the desire to improve and willingness to strive to make changes. It involves leaving your comfort zone and doing uncomfortable things.

If you feel bigger on the inside than you are on the outside, then there is a better or higher version of you that you are yet to explore. That is where the journey of self-growth and development comes in. If you are not sure how to get to your best version;

  1. Know yourself

Who are you? Who do you aspire to be? remember to be yourself, and to focus on yourself and what YOU want. Dare to stand out in a world that expects you to conform. Be the best version of yourself, not someone else’s copy. Embrace yourself.

2. Develop a thick skin

You cannot please all of the people all of the time, certain people will always find any excuse to put you down, belittle you and judge you.

3. Assert Yourself

Stand up for yourself, put your needs first even as you look out for others.

4. Learn new skills

Learning is a lifelong journey. Take up a new hobby, whether it’s crafting, designing, coding, painting, learning to play a musical instrument or taking up a new sport.

5. Create a plan and your list of goals

If you know your ambitions and dreams, write them down. Have a clear view of where and who you want to be.

6. Adopt good habits

Struggling with time keeping? Learn to complete tasks earlier. Having a hard time staying organized? Get a diary and write down to-do lists and deadlines. Unable to keep yourself motivated? Remember to focus on your goals and remember why you started. Adopting good habits means that you will not fall behind.

7. Surround yourself with beautiful people

I mean inner beauty; People that make you see the world in a new way. People that do extraordinary things. People that exude the qualities you would love to have rub off on you; kindness, compassion, bravery, drive. People that have a story to tell, gifts to share and lessons to teach.

Change is inevitable but transformation is by conscious choice” Heather Ash Amara


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