Fatherhood is underrated, I thought. We rarely think through the sacrifices our fathers made to see us grow. This thought has however been provoked lately. These conversations got me thinking; Conversation 1; “I miss my children. I see them on weekends but I want to know how they are doing every day. I want to […]

“If anything happened today and I became a single father I would do whatever it takes to see my children grow. I want to see them when I come home every evening.” He said. “What if your work schedule does not allow. What if you travel a lot?” I interjected. “I would still do anything […]

“My second son is too emotional” she said. What do you mean by emotional? I asked. “He cries too often” She responded. “Let him cry” I said. “No, he needs to toughen up he is a man” She said. I have always had a different opinion when it comes to allowing men or boys express […]

“My childhood was a training ground for murder.” He said. These words shook me to the core. I am a big fan of real crime stories. Forensic psychology is one of the richest form of human behavior and the unspoken mental illnesses. As these statement shook me the mother went down in tears. This is […]

As we celebrate motherhood two questions constantly cross a working mum’s mind; Am I doing it right or am I doing enough? Every mother either wishes she could choose between career and motherhood while some wish they could strike a balance between the two. There is no one right answer on how to do career […]