“I know you had nothing to go back to but is there someone that you would go back to.” He asked. I had never thought of it that way. That took me aback. However, every catch up with a friend gives me something to think about or should I say something to write about. A […]

“Are you genuinely loved or are you loved because of what you have?” Have you come across this statement somewhere? I have seen it pretty often on social media. Every time I see it am baffled by the ignorance demonstrated in that statement. Truth be told nobody is loved for nothing and nobody just loves. […]

Have you ever woken up feeling like you just came from a holiday yet you did not? You know that feeling that makes you feel like you are ready to conquer the world…yeah exactly that. This happened to me early this week. For a moment I was mesmerized. How could I feel so fresh and […]

“I am glad that you made your experience count” Said my mentor. “They say If you get a chance to fall in love three times make each of them count.” I replied and we both laughed. The day I came across that statement was an Aha moment for me. In life rarely do we get […]

“There are two memorable people in life” My father said. “Those who will catapult you to greater heights and those that can stagnate you or bring you down” He continued “You have to be careful who you deal with and how you deal with them.” I have a lot of lessons from my father but […]

“He has a pleasant personality, he is a good communicator, has influence, he is charismatic, is focused and result oriented.” The team responded. This was in reference to a curtain raiser on a discussion on life skills. I had requested the team members to pick a public figure that they admire. They were then to […]

“I have a staff who is always throwing things out of proportion. Every small issue is immediately passed to my senior boss with graphical details, often exaggerated. By the time I am passing the correct information a wrong image has already been formed. Actually most of these things do not need to get to the […]

“If anything happened today and I became a single father I would do whatever it takes to see my children grow. I want to see them when I come home every evening.” He said. “What if your work schedule does not allow. What if you travel a lot?” I interjected. “I would still do anything […]

“If you were holding a Bible and a phone and they were both falling, which one would you hold on to?’ Asked the teacher. “The phone” answered the young girl. “If you were holding a Bible and a phone and they were both falling, which one would you hold on to!” Shouted the teacher in […]

“Why are you here? With over 20 years’ management experience what else would you be seeking to learn?” I asked. “My current tea pickers are young Diploma and Degree holders. They are no longer the old men and women from the village. I cannot just give instructions any more. I need to learn how to […]