“You look very happy today, or is that your normal face?” I asked on a light note. I had noted this lady from the moment the Human Resource director introduced me. Her face shone and she really looked interested. The moment I stood to take over the training program, her smile could not be hidden. […]

Fatherhood is underrated, I thought. We rarely think through the sacrifices our fathers made to see us grow. This thought has however been provoked lately. These conversations got me thinking; Conversation 1; “I miss my children. I see them on weekends but I want to know how they are doing every day. I want to […]

“Hey Coach, do you have anything on psychic borrower deep in mobile apps debts, listed in CRB, depressed and not knowing how to get out.” He wrote. I bet he meant debt addiction. Debt addiction is not the same as a shopping addiction, though the two issues often go hand in hand. A shopping addiction […]

“How many interviews have you attended?” I asked “Two,” he answered. “How did it go?” I asked, “I did not get the job?” He said.” What do you think could be the reason?” I asked “They had it reserved for someone else as always.” He answered casually “Do you know the person?” I asked “No” […]

Have you ever made a call and immediately made an impression about the person you are talking to or the organization culture? I had not thought deeply about this until last week. I made a call to a certain organization following up on some details and I was amazed at the thoughts that followed that […]

“I don’t care what they think, am fine” He said. “Does it affect you in any way?” I asked “I don’t really care; I will just let be” He said. This was a conversation in a self-awareness coaching session. The client had been referred by the boss as part of his performance improvement coaching. Part […]

“You should not be a trainer you are a business therapist!” He said. That caught me off guard…(I guess we carry a bit of the inner us wherever we go.) The person speaking had no background information on what else I do apart from management training and consultancy. We were having a discussion on how […]

Have you ever had a conversation with someone on an issue that they are struggling with but you almost gave up? Do you sometimes look at someone and feel like they are beyond help? Do you sometimes wish you could live someone’s life for a moment and help them solve an issue? As a coach […]

Did I miss something on the program or is my watch having a problem? I wondered as I walked into the conference hall. It was forty minutes past seven in the morning. The room was full with the fourty eight training participants sited and ready for the day. Traditionally most full day trainings start at […]

What has been your greatest lesson or achievement this year? Mine has been simple but profound; Slowing down. A while back my friend made a comment that got me thinking. After watching one of my short recorded videos he asked, “were you on a timer?”. “No” I answered. “You sounded like you were, the video […]