“Another day has gone, no gifts, no message, no day out just more bills to pay” Said one of the many comments at the end of 19th Nov, the international men’s day. I actually did not make anything much out of these comments. It was more of humor than sentiments. However, a week later I […]

“Good afternoon, Sir, is this a good time to talk?” I asked. “Not really can I call you back?” He answered. This was a midday morning call to a gentle man who had been referred to me for career coaching and counseling following a job loss through retrenchment. These are some of the most delicate […]

I took a deep breath when the phone rang. It was coming from a senior working partner who had outsourced me to handle a certain client’s assignment. I had had a virtual meeting with the client a few hours earlier. In my assumption the meeting had gone well. The meeting convener had ended the meeting […]

“I did not know this side of you.” I cannot count the number of times I have heard this statement in the last one or two years. I am always tempted to respond with a quote; “We all have a different level of energy when passion meets purpose, and you recognize your own path when […]

“One thing I like about him is that he never demands what he cannot offer” I said. “If he tells you that something can be done in 2 minutes, he can probably get it done in one and a half minute. He leads by example” I continued. This was in reference to one of my […]

‘You do not need to be the ‘smart’ politically aware, game playing person but you need to be the wise, politically aware person who works with integrity.’ This was our last statement in the last article. This means that we have different types of people when it comes to playing office politics; The politically unaware, […]

“Can we also talk about office politics?” He asked. That caught my attention for two reasons. This was a Board reporting class. I expected some of the other requests raised such as basics of corporate governance. I however did not see the office politics topic coming up. The second reason was because I had a […]

Have you ever been granted an unexpected holiday? Well, this happened to me and maybe to you if you are a Kenyan. Elections period gave me a cool two weeks’ holiday. At first I was a bit uncertain. Clients were rescheduling trainings to ‘after elections’ then to ‘after the big announcement.’ August was about to […]

“If you see a man crying he is wondering how he got there and most likely it’s a bad place.” I came across this statement and in reflection, it made so much sense. “The best moments in reading are when you come across something, a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things that […]

“Have you always felt this way” I asked after a long discussion on her ‘feeling stuck’ “I used to be very confident, I had a lot going on but I don’t know what happened.” She said. When did the self-doubt start? I asked “When I got married, I think I got comfortable.” She said “Does […]