This week we have typed too many RIPs, at least here in Kenya. Life is truly short. Every time death happens, I get to question life. Is there more to it than meets the eye? Could it all be vanity like the good book says? A few days ago a friend said; “I can see […]

What has changed for you in the last few years? Someone asked me. She probably thought I would have a long story to tell. The kind people give when they have started a new phase or taken a major turn in life. The ups and downs like we call them. To say the truth maybe […]

He showed up on time. He was not just fully dressed but presentable and official. He even had decent a haircut. This is not the same person I knew five years ago. He rarely got a haircut and when he did, it did not make any difference. On a normal day he would be in […]

Last week I had a catch up with a friend that I had not met for a while. As it is with Covid it has taken us months to physically connect with friends. The danger of this isolation is that we are likely to lose the motivation that comes from brainstorming with friends and colleagues. […]