At Enlightened You, we help individuals increase their personal and team performance while unlocking their full potential.

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Enlightened You Ltd. is a leadership training and consultancy firm that focuses on human performance improvement from a holistic view. We enable individuals realize their potential, enhance their skills and increase performance through inspirational and transformational programs that impact on individuals and teams.

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Leadership Coaching & Training

We have a variety of programs pertaining to self-leadership and team leadership across all levels of management.

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Strategy Development & Implementation

Fill the gap between strategy and implementation through proper assessment, relevant training, and follow-up sessions to ensure you stay on course.

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Corporate Health & Wellness

Improve your lifestyle and general wellbeing by making the right choices when it comes to both your physical and mental health.

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Personalised Coaching

Feeling lost or unfulfilled? Let us help you gain clarity on your vision and take actionable steps to realizing your full potential.

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Our Clients

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From Our Blog

24th November 2022

“Another day has gone, no gifts, no message, no day out just more bills to pay” Said one of the many comments at the end of 19th Nov, the international men’s day. I actually did not make anything much out of these comments. It was more of humor than sentiments. However, a week later I […]

17th November 2022

“Good afternoon, Sir, is this a good time to talk?” I asked. “Not really can I call you back?” He answered. This was a midday morning call to a gentle man who had been referred to me for career coaching and counseling following a job loss through retrenchment. These are some of the most delicate […]

13th October 2022

I took a deep breath when the phone rang. It was coming from a senior working partner who had outsourced me to handle a certain client’s assignment. I had had a virtual meeting with the client a few hours earlier. In my assumption the meeting had gone well. The meeting convener had ended the meeting […]