At Enlightened You, we help individuals increase their personal and team performance while unlocking their full potential.

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Enlightened You Ltd. is a leadership training and consultancy firm that focuses on human performance improvement from a holistic view. We enable individuals realize their potential, enhance their skills and increase performance through inspirational and transformational programs that impact on individuals and teams.

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Leadership Coaching & Training

We have a variety of programs pertaining to self-leadership and team leadership across all levels of management.

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Strategy Development & Implementation

Fill the gap between strategy and implementation through proper assessment, relevant training, and follow-up sessions to ensure you stay on course.

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Corporate Health & Wellness

Improve your lifestyle and general wellbeing by making the right choices when it comes to both your physical and mental health.

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Personalised Coaching

Feeling lost or unfulfilled? Let us help you gain clarity on your vision and take actionable steps to realizing your full potential.

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From Our Blog

21st September 2023

“What’s the challenge with the high staff turnover?” I asked. “I had to make some radical changes,” the CEO remarked. We were having a discussion on the challenges experienced in implementing the current strategy plan which is almost coming to end. One of the things I noted was that about 60% of the team leaders […]

16th June 2023

Time management has never been one of my struggles. It is one the values that I got from my father. I have for the longest time failed to understand how people get late to prescheduled meetings or appointments. I would also require special grace to forgive someone for missing out a pre agreed meeting without […]

26th May 2023

It’s been a while since I got to share a story. This can only mean one thing; It’s been a busy and overwhelming year. It has been pushed me to the limit in many ways, in my words it has tested every corner of my brain. They say self-improvement requires you to push yourself to […]