I took a deep breath when the phone rang. It was coming from a senior working partner who had outsourced me to handle a certain client’s assignment. I had had a virtual meeting with the client a few hours earlier. In my assumption the meeting had gone well. The meeting convener had ended the meeting […]

“One thing I like about him is that he never demands what he cannot offer” I said. “If he tells you that something can be done in 2 minutes, he can probably get it done in one and a half minute. He leads by example” I continued. This was in reference to one of my […]

‘You do not need to be the ‘smart’ politically aware, game playing person but you need to be the wise, politically aware person who works with integrity.’ This was our last statement in the last article. This means that we have different types of people when it comes to playing office politics; The politically unaware, […]

“Can we also talk about office politics?” He asked. That caught my attention for two reasons. This was a Board reporting class. I expected some of the other requests raised such as basics of corporate governance. I however did not see the office politics topic coming up. The second reason was because I had a […]

“You should not be a trainer you are a business therapist!” He said. That caught me off guard…(I guess we carry a bit of the inner us wherever we go.) The person speaking had no background information on what else I do apart from management training and consultancy. We were having a discussion on how […]

Did I miss something on the program or is my watch having a problem? I wondered as I walked into the conference hall. It was forty minutes past seven in the morning. The room was full with the fourty eight training participants sited and ready for the day. Traditionally most full day trainings start at […]

“Why are you looking bored all of a sudden?” The colleague asked. “Is there something wrong with the way am doing this hair?” She asked in return. The conversation caught my attention. I was the client in the salon. The hair dresser noticed I was getting curious. She turned to me and asked, “What do […]

“This our best student!” Said the school principal. Her voice was a mix of anger, surprise and frustration. We all looked at each other in amazement. We were sitting in a school disciplinary session. The student had been among others sent home for a series of disciplinary cases. He came in accompanied by the mother. […]

Have you ever listened to a speech by a local politician and wondered how they have not become the president already? This thought came to me last week. I rarely listen to political statements. I however happened to be seated in a certain office waiting to be served. There was a public forum being aired […]

“What if every other aspect of my life is doing well apart from my job? Like, I wake up every morning feeling demotivated, the roles are so monotonous and I cannot see any hope for growth. My colleagues here have been around for more than two decades. We all go to them for guidance; we […]