Organizations come up with great ideas in strategy formulation, they however have a major challenge aligning and implementing strategies in the various business units. This is due to inadequate or inefficient structures, processes, policies and systems, misalignment between the organization strategy and its mission, vision and values and lack of relevant skills on both the team leaders and staff.

In this program we will:

  • Asses the existing strategy in line with the organization’s mission and values to ensure they are in synchrony and assist in creating a strategy, goals and initiatives that will best achieve the strategic direction.
  • Conduct relevant training and coaching to transfer knowledge and skills to staff to ensure in-house repository of skills and future use.
  • Conduct follow up sessions and evaluation to establish the level of compliance, acceptance and impact of the strategy implementation.

It focuses on skills such as:

  • Gaining competitive edge
  • Impactful Leadership
  • Strategic leadership
  • Strategy alignment, Implementation and sustainability
  • Aligning organizational culture
  • Creative thinking
  • Design thinking
  • Leading through digital disruption
  • Market trends and opportunities