Have you ever made an assumption about someone’s character or behavior then later realized you were wrong? It’s because we judge people from our own lens, positively or negatively. If you read my last week blog article titled ‘Control is an illusion’ then you must have come across that line. Someone asked me to clarify […]

Is there someone that you wish you never met? Early this week I noted one of my connection on social media who woke up to a series of posts. Though no specific person was targeted you could sense anger, betrayal and bitterness. Whether that was the best way to express herself or not is debatable. […]

Have you ever been harsh to someone or discredited their actions because you thought they were not responsible enough then regretted later. When you do not take time to understand situations from the other person’s perspective you are likely to display actions and words that are inappropriate to the situation or person. You then hurt […]

Do you dread social interactions because you do not wish to spend time with individuals who do not have similar interests with you? Social skill is the ability to find common ground, build rapport, manage relationships and foster networks. It is more than just meeting people or being talkative. It is knowing what to say […]

How many times do you take an action or say a word and later regret it? Most people have destroyed valuable connections due to right words said at the wrong time or wrong words said at the right time. Hasty actions have also destroyed a lot of connections. Self-regulation is the ability to control or […]

Do you feel like the people you relate with are better than you; To know people is wisdom but to know yourself is enlightenment. How well do you know yourself? If I gave you a piece of paper and asked you to answer the question, who are you? What would be your answer? Most people […]

When we think about relationships we mostly think about what the other person is bringing on the table. When relationships go sour we easily blame the other person and the role they played in it. We blame our parents and guardians because they did not spend time with us, we blame our partners and spouses […]