“I did not know this side of you.” I cannot count the number of times I have heard this statement in the last one or two years. I am always tempted to respond with a quote; “We all have a different level of energy when passion meets purpose, and you recognize your own path when […]

Have you ever been granted an unexpected holiday? Well, this happened to me and maybe to you if you are a Kenyan. Elections period gave me a cool two weeks’ holiday. At first I was a bit uncertain. Clients were rescheduling trainings to ‘after elections’ then to ‘after the big announcement.’ August was about to […]

“I can’t believe am working so hard to drop the things I worked so hard to get?” She said. “Am now leaving the car at home so that I can walk. I have stopped taking sugar. Am looking for a more flexible job. I think I will eventually relocate to a quiet serene place away […]

This week we have typed too many RIPs, at least here in Kenya. Life is truly short. Every time death happens, I get to question life. Is there more to it than meets the eye? Could it all be vanity like the good book says? A few days ago a friend said; “I can see […]

How does your 3Am look like? Christians say God wants to speak to you at that hour, Muslims say that at that hour the portal of heaven is open. Apart from the religious perspectives we also know that 3Am is the hour of writers, painters, poets, musicians, silence seekers, over thinkers and creative people. The […]

Happy New Year! Or is it too late? Do you feel like this is one of the fastest month of January to have ever lived? If you listen to most people, there is something different about this month. On a normal January, people would be looking more relaxed. They would be looking like they are […]

“I have not cooked or driven in the last 24 years.” These are not my words. These are words from one of the behavioral experts that I closely follow. At first I thought, how do you even say that in public? Being a man maybe he could be easily forgiven. Listening to him further I […]

“No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.” We have a lot of reasons to be sad this year, We have a lot of reasons to be frustrated this year, We may even decide not to count this year in our life journey, But I choose to find the good and praise it. […]

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and went like, “Rosemary, that was impressive!” Have you ever gotten to the parking lot or car smiled and wanted to scream at the top of your voice, Yeah I did it! Have you ever thought of stopping in the middle of the road just to […]

When is the last time you experienced unexplained joy or happiness? I am not talking about laughing. There is a big difference. Am talking about days of joy oozing fresh from deep down your heart. A sense of happiness that you cannot immediately explain or give someone else credit for. If you have not experienced […]