I took a deep breath when the phone rang. It was coming from a senior working partner who had outsourced me to handle a certain client’s assignment. I had had a virtual meeting with the client a few hours earlier. In my assumption the meeting had gone well. The meeting convener had ended the meeting […]

“I don’t care what they think, am fine” He said. “Does it affect you in any way?” I asked “I don’t really care; I will just let be” He said. This was a conversation in a self-awareness coaching session. The client had been referred by the boss as part of his performance improvement coaching. Part […]

What has been your greatest lesson or achievement this year? Mine has been simple but profound; Slowing down. A while back my friend made a comment that got me thinking. After watching one of my short recorded videos he asked, “were you on a timer?”. “No” I answered. “You sounded like you were, the video […]

Have you ever looked or listened to someone and thought, “you need to grow up” Or “he/she has some growing up to do.” Every time we say this, it has very little to do with age. We even say this when referring to people who are older than us. I get this thought a lot […]

“He has a pleasant personality, he is a good communicator, has influence, he is charismatic, is focused and result oriented.” The team responded. This was in reference to a curtain raiser on a discussion on life skills. I had requested the team members to pick a public figure that they admire. They were then to […]

Am back! I know you are wondering, “where is she back from?” …Just trying to read your thoughts… But yeah am back from my one month’s break. In the world of too much connection and information overload, the soul is likely to get tired. So “Go ahead and unplug, spend time with nature, let your […]

Is there someone that you wish you never met? Early this week I noted one of my connection on social media who woke up to a series of posts. Though no specific person was targeted you could sense anger, betrayal and bitterness. Whether that was the best way to express herself or not is debatable. […]

I came across a friend who looked a bit disappointed after an encounter with an office administrator in a public office. He had been to that office twice before. He met a certain officer who explained all the required documentation for him to access a certain service. On the first visit he actually even met […]

Have you ever been harsh to someone or discredited their actions because you thought they were not responsible enough then regretted later. When you do not take time to understand situations from the other person’s perspective you are likely to display actions and words that are inappropriate to the situation or person. You then hurt […]

Do you dread social interactions because you do not wish to spend time with individuals who do not have similar interests with you? Social skill is the ability to find common ground, build rapport, manage relationships and foster networks. It is more than just meeting people or being talkative. It is knowing what to say […]