Do you dread social interactions because you do not wish to spend time with individuals who do not have similar interests with you? Social skill is the ability to find common ground, build rapport, manage relationships and foster networks.

It is more than just meeting people or being talkative. It is knowing what to say and when to say it. If you cannot spend time with someone because you are not comfortable around them or they cannot help you with a particular issue, a good set of social skills will allow you to politely convey that you cannot spend time with them.

With social skill, a person can influence, persuade others and lead them towards change. If you have social skill you display below emotional skills;

  1. Influence – This means that;
  • You use complex strategies like indirect influence to build consensus and support.
  • You use effective tactics for persuasion
  • You are skilled at winning people over.
  1. Communication – This means that;
  • You deal with difficult issues straight forwardly.
  • You listen well, seek mutual understanding and welcome sharing information fully.
  • You foster open communication and stay receptive to bad news as well as good.
  • You listen openly and send convincing messages.
  1. Conflict management – This means that;
  • You handle difficult people and tense situations with diplomacy and tact.
  • You spot potential conflict and bring disagreements into the open discussion
  • You encourage debate and open discussion.
  • You orchestrate win-win solutions.


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