“I did not know this side of you.” I cannot count the number of times I have heard this statement in the last one or two years. I am always tempted to respond with a quote; “We all have a different level of energy when passion meets purpose, and you recognize your own path when […]

Have you ever been granted an unexpected holiday? Well, this happened to me and maybe to you if you are a Kenyan. Elections period gave me a cool two weeks’ holiday. At first I was a bit uncertain. Clients were rescheduling trainings to ‘after elections’ then to ‘after the big announcement.’ August was about to […]

“Some team members just won’t get the job done well or get it done on time that’s why I do not delegate” Said the supervisor. “Is the issue the people or the process?” I asked. She posed for a minute. “I think it’s both” She said. This discussion was born out of a training discussion […]

“I can’t believe am working so hard to drop the things I worked so hard to get?” She said. “Am now leaving the car at home so that I can walk. I have stopped taking sugar. Am looking for a more flexible job. I think I will eventually relocate to a quiet serene place away […]

“If I stay in this job till retirement I will regret, If I quit I have a fifty percent chance of regretting and a fifty percent chance of thriving. I am taking the fifty percent chance.” These are words from one of my coaching clients. Every time someone tells me they want to quit their […]

When is the last time you experienced unexplained joy or happiness? I am not talking about laughing. There is a big difference. Am talking about days of joy oozing fresh from deep down your heart. A sense of happiness that you cannot immediately explain or give someone else credit for. If you have not experienced […]

Is there someone that you wish you never met? Early this week I noted one of my connection on social media who woke up to a series of posts. Though no specific person was targeted you could sense anger, betrayal and bitterness. Whether that was the best way to express herself or not is debatable. […]

‘You are enough.’ The first time I heard these words was in a group coaching session. The coach kept repeating those words “always remember that you are enough.” In my mind I kept wondering ‘are there people who are not enough?’. If you grew up with reasonable social support and have built resilience over time […]

Have you ever thought of how your eulogy will read on that last day? Creepy?…..I know. But come to think of it: If you fast track your life to very old age a day will come when you will have to think about it. Some people have gone the extra mile to write their eulogies […]

Why do we ask children what they want to be when they grow up? Perhaps because we want to be proud parents that our children want to be significant people in life. But what defines that significance? Why would you encourage your child to be lawyer and not a musician or vice versa? Chances are […]