“I don’t care what they think, am fine” He said. “Does it affect you in any way?” I asked “I don’t really care; I will just let be” He said. This was a conversation in a self-awareness coaching session. The client had been referred by the boss as part of his performance improvement coaching. Part […]

What has been your greatest lesson or achievement this year? Mine has been simple but profound; Slowing down. A while back my friend made a comment that got me thinking. After watching one of my short recorded videos he asked, “were you on a timer?”. “No” I answered. “You sounded like you were, the video […]

“Why are you looking bored all of a sudden?” The colleague asked. “Is there something wrong with the way am doing this hair?” She asked in return. The conversation caught my attention. I was the client in the salon. The hair dresser noticed I was getting curious. She turned to me and asked, “What do […]

“Feedback is food for the soul”. If you are a content creator this will probably sink deeper. The other day I was having this conversation with an acquaintance. We were talking about how long it takes to think through content. It’s even more taxing when you start to think about how to deliver it. This […]

Have you ever sent someone a message then you deliberately went offline? Have you ever sent someone a message late at night to avoid discussing it? How often do you use these words; “We need to talk!” Rumor has it that this is one of the most feared statements in any form of relationship. Ranging […]