“I can’t believe am working so hard to drop the things I worked so hard to get?” She said. “Am now leaving the car at home so that I can walk. I have stopped taking sugar. Am looking for a more flexible job. I think I will eventually relocate to a quiet serene place away […]

Nothing beats the sound of a flowing river. Nothing beats the shade of the trees in the forest. They are my happy places. Nature calms you down. It gives you a reason to slow down. To reflect and appreciate how far you have come. It also makes you realize how fast you have been moving. […]

“I have not cooked or driven in the last 24 years.” These are not my words. These are words from one of the behavioral experts that I closely follow. At first I thought, how do you even say that in public? Being a man maybe he could be easily forgiven. Listening to him further I […]

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and went like, “Rosemary, that was impressive!” Have you ever gotten to the parking lot or car smiled and wanted to scream at the top of your voice, Yeah I did it! Have you ever thought of stopping in the middle of the road just to […]