One of the most repeated training topic I have facilitated this season is Emotional Intelligence. Contrally to my expectation the biggest concern has been around self-motivation. The aspect of self-motivation revolves around one’s ability to set challenging goals, have the drive to achieve them and stay committed to the course. The beauty of this concern […]

If someone asked me ten years ago if I know myself, I would have confidently said, Yes. I would have also given the same answer early this year. However, with each day I learn a side of me that I never thought of in details. It does not necessarily mean that I change. It means […]

One of the most daunting tasks in Nairobi is navigating through traffic especially as a new driver. The challenge has nothing to do with the roads but the level of competition from the public transport vehicles. As a survival tactic I learnt how to create rapport with the matatu drivers and their assistants or conductors […]

Several years back on an early morning I walked into my boss’s office. After the usual pleasantries I made myself comfortable on the seat which he offered. The young me never found it necessary to waste time taking a seat on matters that could be addressed in a few minutes while standing…. now you know […]

“Have you ever met a bad person?” An acquaintance posed this question to me a while back. “I don’t know? I answered. What I actually meant is that it takes me a while to conclude if one should be considered a bad person or not. For as long I can remember I have always had […]

Am back! I know you are wondering, “where is she back from?” …Just trying to read your thoughts… But yeah am back from my one month’s break. In the world of too much connection and information overload, the soul is likely to get tired. So “Go ahead and unplug, spend time with nature, let your […]

“No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.” We have a lot of reasons to be sad this year, We have a lot of reasons to be frustrated this year, We may even decide not to count this year in our life journey, But I choose to find the good and praise it. […]

Last week I came across a hilarious statement somewhere on social media, “Do not take marriage advice from African women; it’s always about perseverance and prayer” It actually sounds better in Swahili “Ndoa ni kuvumilia na maombi” I actually laughed about it. But come to think of it, why does it sound so true, like […]

Last week I had a catch up with a friend that I had not met for a while. As it is with Covid it has taken us months to physically connect with friends. The danger of this isolation is that we are likely to lose the motivation that comes from brainstorming with friends and colleagues. […]

“If I stay in this job till retirement I will regret, If I quit I have a fifty percent chance of regretting and a fifty percent chance of thriving. I am taking the fifty percent chance.” These are words from one of my coaching clients. Every time someone tells me they want to quit their […]