“You should not be a trainer you are a business therapist!” He said. That caught me off guard…(I guess we carry a bit of the inner us wherever we go.) The person speaking had no background information on what else I do apart from management training and consultancy. We were having a discussion on how […]

Have you ever had a conversation with someone on an issue that they are struggling with but you almost gave up? Do you sometimes look at someone and feel like they are beyond help? Do you sometimes wish you could live someone’s life for a moment and help them solve an issue? As a coach […]

Did I miss something on the program or is my watch having a problem? I wondered as I walked into the conference hall. It was forty minutes past seven in the morning. The room was full with the fourty eight training participants sited and ready for the day. Traditionally most full day trainings start at […]

What has been your greatest lesson or achievement this year? Mine has been simple but profound; Slowing down. A while back my friend made a comment that got me thinking. After watching one of my short recorded videos he asked, “were you on a timer?”. “No” I answered. “You sounded like you were, the video […]

“Why are you looking bored all of a sudden?” The colleague asked. “Is there something wrong with the way am doing this hair?” She asked in return. The conversation caught my attention. I was the client in the salon. The hair dresser noticed I was getting curious. She turned to me and asked, “What do […]

“You might need to answer that.” I said. “Never mind.” he said. His phone however kept ringing. At some point it bothered me but he also started to look bothered. “You could go ahead if it’s something urgent we can always catch up some other time.” I said. “It’s my wife” he said reluctantly. From […]

“Would you call that a relationship?’ I asked after a long conversation. He paused for a moment then said, “I thought so but am not sure. All along am the one who has been pushing it, keeping in touch and checking on her especially when she was working out of town.” How did you end […]

“This our best student!” Said the school principal. Her voice was a mix of anger, surprise and frustration. We all looked at each other in amazement. We were sitting in a school disciplinary session. The student had been among others sent home for a series of disciplinary cases. He came in accompanied by the mother. […]

“Hey Rosemary, I was referred to you by a friend. Am however not sure what I need, a mentor, a counsellor or a coach but he thinks you can help.” She said. The first thing I noticed was her authoritative voice and great command of the English language. However, the more the conversation unfolded the […]

Have you ever looked or listened to someone and thought, “you need to grow up” Or “he/she has some growing up to do.” Every time we say this, it has very little to do with age. We even say this when referring to people who are older than us. I get this thought a lot […]